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Friday, January 27, 2006

Halfway Home

We have gone through 8 of our 16 home games this year, and finished with a record of 5-3. Not bad, considering our losses from last year, but maybe not what we hoped for after our fairly strong non-conference showing. We sit alone in 3rd place, behind only Binghamton and Albany, and just in front of Vermont and New Hampshire.

I predict we will need to repeat that 5-3 performance in the second half the season in order to snag one of the top 3 seeds in the AE tourney, which would allow us to avoid drawing the host Binghamton. But a look at the schedule reveals it won't be an easy task:

HOME vs. Maine
AWAY vs. Albany
AWAY vs. Binghamton
HOME vs. Stony Brook
AWAY vs. Vermont
AWAY vs. Hartford

Obviously, the way we are playing now those road games against Albany, Vermont, and Binghamton are the most likely losses. The rest seem to me to be eminently winnable. If we are able to steal one of those tough road contests (not impossible considering how closely we played those teams the first time around).

Of course, 8-0 would be ideal....


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