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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

BU vs. Hartford - Game Night Thread

Hartford is kind of an enigma this year. They started out hot, but have cooled lately. They have two of the better players in the conference (including one who is probably the best), yet languish near the bottom of the standings.

BU coming off a strange yet fulfilling game at the Greek against Vermont, we'll see if they can turn it into more wins. Hopefully they can at least keep up that rebounding zeal!

By the way, Wolff drops a bombshell before the game: Ibe, who sat out the last two games due to an unnamed academic issue, is done for the year. Wolff said the issue was resolved, but that Ibe still needs to be focused on what's important (which is his studies). If this is the case, it's a ballsy and admirable move by Wolff, who is already missing two guys due to injury.

Talk about the game here...


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