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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Electricity at the Greek

Tie game with the final shot, who do you give it to?

The last four years, I would have said Chaz Carr everytime. Now, I say Corey Hassan every time. With his bucket with 2.7 seconds left in the game, BU took it's first lead since the beginning of the game at 43-41. Vermont made a sloppy attempt at a pass half way down the court to try to score, but it was broken up and the Greek was shaking for the second time this weekend (the first being the 5-0 win over Merrimack).

To be honest, todays game made up for that 5 game losing streak of near wins. Probably the most exciting game I've seen at BU, definitely the most amazing game I've seen at the Greek, we were behind the entire game, as usual. Frankly, I considered us lucky to have been down only 6 at the half.

And as usual, we came out in the second half looking like a real team. This time, though, we gave the effort needed to pull out the win.

While we play hard for 40 minutes, it may have been more a case of Vermont beating themselves. They scored two points in the last 14 1/2 minutes, and those two came from Trimboli free throws. Since the 3rd TV time-out of the second half, it seemed like BU had the ball the entire time, using up shot clock after shot clock, and getting rebound after rebound. To get an idea of what it was like, we out-rebounded UVM 41-25. We also had only 10 turnovers to UVM's 15.

Rather than blaming the loss on Vermont's collapse in the second half, I'd like to give credit to all the Terriers for their never-say-die attitude, and for playing their hardest to the very end. Maybe this past week is a turnaround week for us, and things will start going my way.

Side Notes:

-It was good to see Geffen getting some solid playing time with 22 minutes. I'd like to see him get to run the point more, I like his style of play.
-We made our free throws, and thats why we won this game.
-Coblyn had a truly amazing dunk. It was worth the Techinical foul, but probably not worth the bitching out that he got from Wolff.
-We still missed a lot of lay-ups and easy shots, but thanks to the rebounding, it didn't hurt us.
-KG hurt his leg at the end, and there's no word on what happened, but hopefully he's ok.
-BU beat Vermont in the second half with a score of 21-13. We held them to their lowest point total in 26 years.
-Wynns 3-pointer to bring us within 1 with 2 minutes left also makes a case for play of the game.
-I'll no longer make any predictions over 55 points for either team. It's just that kind of a season.

I wish I could give Player of the Game to everyone on the team, but it of course has to go to Hassan the Assassin for his game winning shot

Honorable mention: KG, Wynn-credible, Big O, Brian Geffen (any nicknames?), Big Ben, Macon Bacon, and Stretch (A.K.A. Tony Gaffney)


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