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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pressure the Rookie

Running out the door to catch the BU hockey game, but thought I'd post a few thoughts about tomorrow's tittalating tilt with the Mounted Cats.

The game is important for both teams; Vermont needs a win to show that it belongs among the elite of the conference, and BU needs to prove that that 3-game conference losing streak was just a fluke.

Here's the key to the game, I'm calling it right now: turnovers. Vermont's freshman point guard Mike Trimboli can shoot, but he doesn't take good care of the rock. If BU presses for most of the game (like they should be doing every game), they'll be able to exploit this weakness. With Gaffney lighting it up against Stony Brook, he should get some more PT on Sunday - and we all know that he's a monster on the press with those albatross arms of his.


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