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Monday, January 23, 2006

There's No Way Anyone Could Describe The Experience Of Witnessing This Game Without Using A Series of Schematic Drawings And Some Hand Puppets

Bear with me, just beginning to regain my capacity to construct a rational thought.

Thought #1 after this game ended: "Holy Christ, what a finish! Hassan sinks it with 2.6 secs left to "a-Hassan-ate" the Catamounts and send them back to cow country!!"

Thought #2 after this game ended: "WTF did we just witness here? Was this not the most messed up game anyone has ever seen?"

After the revelry of the last shot finally dwindled, I thought about some of the numbers produced by this game:
  • Vermont made 54% of their shots, yet scored only 41 points and lost to a team that made 25% of their shots. (?!)
  • Vermont made zero baskets in the last 14 minutes of the game, and scored only two free throws in that time (even BU's impotent offense hasn't done that this year). (?!?!)
  • BU came down with 25 (!) offensive rebounds, compared to just TWO by Vermont. (?!?!?!)

    And I am sure of this although I have no numbers available to back me up: there was a stretch of at least 3 and a half minutes late in the game where Vermont did not touch the ball even once. There were 6 or 7 offensive rebounds in a row, and with BU's inability to shoot the ball with more than 5 seconds on the shot clock combined with BU's inability to actually make any of those shots, it seemed like the possession would never end. Losing by 2 at this point, the insane thing is that the Terriers could not convert on any of those chances!! The sequence ended with a foul on Omari, and it wasn't until ANOTHER five-offensive-rebound possession that Shaun Wynn finally hit his monster 3-pointer to bring the game within 2.

    Bottom line, it took me a long time to decide whether to be disgusted or euphoric about this victory. In the end I went with euphoric, since all that matters is the W. After a stretch of five games during which BU was poised to win each one in the final minute but came away with a loss in every game, this is the one that they squeezed out just enough to finish it. The first truly clutch performance after being let down so many times in a row.

    I don't care how ugly it was - I'll take it. Now let's never speak of this game again.


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