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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

BU Holds Hawks to 40

As I entered the roof for Wednesday's game against Hartford, I was shocked to see so many students in the crowd. Yet as I ascended the steps to find a seat near the back where I could sit back and observe, I noticed that half the kids were either reading or doing homeworkd.

It suddenly dawned on my: I'm surrounded by hockey nerds, only there for a chance to get Beanpot tickets before everyone else.

I didn't let this bother me, though, as we won our third straight conference win. Geffen had a hell of a game, along with great efforts by, KG, Wynn, and basically the entire squad. We shot so many more three's than we usually do, and guess what? We made a good portion of them! Why we're not shooting more that we normally do is beyond me, but 5 different players dropped a three tonight, and that truly impressed me.

We played very well as a team, causing turnovers and working our offense. It was the BU team that I've been used to all throughout college.

I got to observe Adeleke's play for the first time tonight, and I'll be honest: I thought he'd be a tall white German kid. I had no idea he was black. I guess I got him confused with Zoellner. Anyway, Hartford won't make it far in the playoffs if Adeleke and Cook are their only offense.

Lastly, Congrats to Coach Wolff on his 200th win at BU. Let's have 200 more.

Quick note: Did anyone else notice that Hassan only played 10 Minutes?


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