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Sunday, December 03, 2006

The St. Bon Adventure

Damn. Well, something Coach Wolff said to the boys have the St. Joe's game lit a fire under their asses - BU came out of Olean, NY with a 74-46 win. It's BU's first win against the A-10 in 3 tries this season, and it's the first blowout win (especially on the road) that I can remember for a looooong time.

Everything was working against St. Bonaventure: the defense clamped down, BU dominated in the paint and on the boards, and shot a whopping SIXTY percent (and fifty-nine from 3-point land)! Tyler Morris dropped 5 bombs from long distance in the second half alone, and finished with 19. And here's the greatest part: Corey Lowe, who had 11 turnovers against St. Joe's, cut that number to 2 (along with 8 assists and 17 points). Macon, Brittain, and Omari played great. Even Ibe was competent out there - got a few nice baskets and didn't make stupid fouls. And he nearly converted a sweet alley-oop from Brian Macon, harkening back to the days of K-Fitz and high-flying Matt Turner.

As for the High Roller's drinking game, it succeeded in getting me "stinko." Especially potent were the rules about Sherrod Smith slicing through the lane, Corey draining a three, and wishing KG was still on the team - because let's face it, I wish KG was still on the team. Three Heineken keg cans later, and we had ourselves a 28-point victory over the A-10!


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