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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bronx College?

Why do they call it Manhattan when it is so obviously located in the Bronx? I actually had a friend who matriculated in Manhattan College, thinking he would be attending school in the center of the "world's greatest city." He ended up transferring to NYU after a year.

Anyway, as the High Roller mentioned, we'll be heading down to the BRONX to watch some low-major basketball tonight. The Jaspers have been schizophrenic this season. The opened the season with a loss to D-1 newbie and independent New Jersey Institute of Technology -- however, Jersey Tech also had an early-season victory over Rider, who promptly rode right over us. Then after that embarrassment, Manhattan went ahead and beat Hofstra, AKA everybody's pre-season pick to be "this year's George Mason."

Let's hope we see the team that lost to Jersey Tech, not the one that beat Hofstra. I'm also hoping we see the BU team that handled Harvard and hung with GW, not the one that shat the bed against Northeastern. That means Omari starting over Ibe and Carlos Strong putting the ball through the hoop again.

We'll post about the game tomorrow, pending survival of the road trip.


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