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Saturday, November 25, 2006


So it's Saturday, two days after Thanksgiving, one day after our annual Turkey Bowl. I've recovered from my food coma, now every part of my body aches from playing football. What's the cure? How bout a road trip!?

Tonight, BU travels down to New York to take on Manhattan College, and we'll be right behind them. After Tuesday's shalacking by Northeastern, I doubt any of the Terriers had a good Thanksgiving break. If I know Dennis Wolff, and I think I do, he had them working hard every day this week, with the possible exception of Thursday. Let's hope Wolffie has some ideas up his sleeve, because this road trip is going to be a little more costly than my $50, ten minute drive across town to see a game that made me want to kill myself.

That said, if we win, there may be a crazy drunken celebration in the Big Apple tonight. If we lose, there may be an angry drunken bender in the Big Apple. It's really up to the team what happens, but I think we all know what the end result will be.

My Prediction- BU 67 - Manhattan 59


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