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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not Worth The Money

I feel like I was robbed tonight. Robbed of ten bucks. For ten bucks, I expected to see a good game of college basketball. Instead, I saw BU get manhandled like a CGS freshman girl at a BU "frat" party. Was it worth the money? Hell no. It also wasn't worth the money to get into tonight's game. Buddah-bing!

Seriously though, I don't like paying to see a game peppered with rookie mistakes. It's just no fun at all to watch, but I guess I'll have to deal with it on a regular basis as the season goes on.

I also don't like paying to see our team fail to create enough shots on the perimeter for us to keep up with a little shit-head that seemed to make every three he takes.

I don't like paying to see a BU defense that when the ball gets inside, they either give up the easy bucket or foul the hell out their opponent.

I don't like paying to watch Ibe suck at basketball. Bench his ass and start Big O.

I don't like paying to see Tyler Morris get called twice (!) for carrying the ball while dribbling. Everyone does it and no one is every called for it, so what's the effing deal?*

I don't like paying to see my team get convincingly out-muscled. Not sure what I can do about that one except give them the cream and the clear and tell them it's not steroids.

And I don't like paying to see the team that I've followed for 5 years get completely dominated and return to my car to find a fucking parking ticket.

Good grief, what a shitty night.

*Ironic upate: I'm watching the Kentucky-UCLA game right now and the commentators just said that this rule is something that the refs are trying to clamp down on this year. Still, no calls the other way with this rule, so what is the effing deal??


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