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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

At least the women's team won

I can't argue much with the profanity-laced tirade that the High Roller posted last night after the Northeastern game. No, I didn't pay 10 bucks to watch the game or get tagged with a parking ticket, but I did pay 10 bucks to take a cab back to work to watch the game after I found my internet not working at home. And yes, wherever that cabbie is right now, if you're reading this, I want my money back.

There isn't much to say about the game itself. We got pasted by our rivals and it's embarrassing. They jumped out to a big lead and pretty much kept that lead for the whole game. Every time it looked like we were on a mini-run and would bring it a bit closer with a Big O lay-up, we'd bring it back down the floor and commit a turnover. And then one of their lucky-ass guards would sink an impossible three-pointer.

I feel like we're so close to competitiveness. Eliminating a few turnovers here, dumping it in a few more times to the reliable Big O there... those types of things make a huge difference. Until that happens, the Terriers are going to hear more frustrated profanity from their fans.


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