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Sunday, November 26, 2006

I suppose we should do an injury report

The Terriers saw the welcome return of Brian Macon this past Saturday at Manhattan. I firmly believe that BU's poor offense the prior two games was at least partially due to his absence. Brian may look like he's pushing 40 compared to the rest of BU's baby-faced roster, but he ran around on that injured groin like a spry 24-year-old.

We got our first look at Lithuanian sensation Valdas Sirutis (another freshman, of course), who came back from injury. Too soon to tell if he will be the next Arvydas Sabonis, as Valdas was used sparingly in his first game, but he was certainly helpful in spelling the other big men when Ibe, Omari and Scott Brittain turned into foul magnets.

There was one distressing sight at the game in Manhattan: that of Carlos Strong in The Boot. After his hot start, he had a couple games in which the bottom of the net was pretty elusive for Carlos. Word is that Carlos twisted his ankle during practice a few days ago, and they're not sure how soon he'll be back - hopefully within a few days.

Matt Wolff was the other Terrier in the sweatsuit on Saturday (not shirt and tie, interestingly). His status is still the same: a target return of before Christmas, which would be a nice holiday gift for his dad.


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