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Friday, December 01, 2006

Get Pumped

The wait between a Monday game and a Saturday game can be frustrating, but it's time to get pumped up for tomorrow's game against St. Bonaventure.

This is a team that we must beat. Of all our A10 match-ups this season, this should be our easiest, but it's not safe to underestimate any game. We need to come out firing at the start of this game and stay out of foul trouble, which is my guess as to why we got blown out in the second half of our St. Josephs game.

So tune in Saturday night at 7:00 PM while you prep for your Saturday night. Like I've always said, there's nothing like a good BU basketball game to pre-game for your night on the town. Here's a little drinking game that I've concocted (still refining the rules) that will no doubt get you crunked before you head out and start paying for overpriced bottles of Bud. I've tried to craft the game so that the worse BU plays, the more drunk you'll get, making a loss easier to deal with.

So without further ado:

Drink Once:

Every time our shot clock runs out without us getting a shot off.
Every time Sherrod Smith slices through the lane for a bucket.
Every time Corey Lowe drains a three (hopefully this one will get you stinko)

Drink Twice:

Every time Scott Brittain travels.
For every new vein that's visible in Coach Wolff's forehead throughout the night.
Every time you think, "God damnit I wish KG was still on the team."

Drink Thrice:

Everytime Ibe makes a lay-up.
Everytime Ibe is called for a foul.
Everytime Ibe saunters back on defense after a turn-over and looks so confused that you'd swear he'd have no idea he was on a basketball court.

Chug Your Beer:

When we win.

Cheers and good luck.


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