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Sunday, November 12, 2006

So far ba- off to a bad start

Well it's been a long off-season, but our prayers have been answered. They haven't? Oh, you prayed for a great start to our season. I actually prayed for a guy wearing the Rhett costume who can do the worm.

Friday's game showed us so very much about this upcoming season, and posed a lot of questions as well. We lost, yes, but we played hard. It was great to see all those fresh faces on the court, but it was even better to see all the faces in the crowd. Opening night brought in thousands of fans, though I think there was some kind of hockey ticket give-away. Still...

To avoid writing out a full on report of the game, I'll simply state a myriad of observations. So without further ado...

-Tyler Morris earned some respect tonight with his leadership and good play. Then he lost some of it when he travelled when inbounding the ball.

-I don't understand why we schedule such a difficult game for our home opener every year. The Greek was packed Friday night, but a win would have had kids returning for more.

-#31 needs a new jersey number. From the last row of the Greek, I kept thinking KG was on the court. Then reality set in, and I became depressed.

-Speaking of #31, the kid needs to refine his decision making process. He doinks two free throws that weren't even close, gets the ball on the next possesion and puts up a three that had no chance. Isn't he supposed to be an inside man?

-Who needs Hassan the Assassin when you can be head-STRONG??

-Friday, before the game, I did something I've never done before. I waited in line for 20 minutes just to get tickets to a BU basketball game. That's a good thing though.

-My take on the game is that we lost because we were unable to put together a real run before GW squashed it with a three-pointer.

-It took me until half-time to remember Matt Wolff was still on the team. Is he ever going to be in uniform?

-Thank God that asshole didn't win musical chairs during half-time. That would have worsened my Friday night.

-And thank God the George Washington mascot didn't show up. Don't get me started on that jackass.

-Looks like the word "turnover" is going to be heard a lot this season, and it's not because Brian Macon eats an apple turnover before and after every game.

-It seems as though the dance team got much hotter as a group since last year, which doesn't make sense since Dance Team Girl graduated.

-Omari really play hard, and for a long time, but for his size he needs a bigger presence DL. Sounds familiar. Haven't we been through this before?

-It seems like this group of kids already play pretty well together. Once they get some more time on the court, we'll have a pretty competitive team.

It will no doubt be an interesting season. At first glance, one wouldn't think that our young BU team (why does it seem like every year our team is a young team? Oh, that's right, most players don't get along with Wolff) will make much noise this year. And I say this every year, but I really think that this is a team that can break our first round curse.

(For those of you wondering about the second half of the tourney experience, the Terriers lost, Tall-boy and I got wasted in downtown Binghamton, and we crashed at some random dude named Phil's house. Thanks Phil, wherever you are.)


At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Seth said...

so true about the asshole and musical chairs. At least there's some justice here.

Good to see the blog rolling!


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