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Thursday, August 31, 2006

We're Back, Baby

They say that 85% of blogs fail within their first year of operation. OK, I just made that statistic up, but here's another stat that is undeniable: 2. As in, the number of seasons that BU Hoops :: Doggy-style has been in existence covering Boston University and America East basketball. The so-called "experts" would have told you that the odds of us being around for another season of basketball were lower than Stony Brook's winning percentage. Lucky for you, they were wrong.

With the release of BU's non-conference schedule this week, we consider college basketball season to have officially begun. Yes, for some of us it's a year-round obsession, but there are better things to do from April to August than reading updates from us.

So with more than 2 months to go until BU plays a game, we're going to start talking Terriers hoop. In addition to more pseudo-intellectual analysis from me and more drunken game ramblings from the High Roller, we're going to try to spice this joint up a little with multimedia features such as photos and some audio and video clips. And if we can find somebody willing to make this webpage look a little better for free, we'll do that too.

Our goal all along has been not just to inform and entertain, but to create a little bit of community for the rest of Terrier Nation out there, and maybe make it a little easier and a little more fun to be a Terrier fan. We encourage everyone to contribute by commenting on our posts and let us know if we can do anything better by emailing us.

That said, we're pumped about the '06-'07 Terriers, and hopefully you are too. Let's play some ball.


At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, you want to spice things up? Raja Bell, Etienne Brower, Pat Martin, Corey Hassan, Tony Gaffney, Brendan Sullivan, Bryan Geffen.?

No offensive consistency year in and year out.

Dropped football, yet have made no real push to make the basketball program nationally prominent.

Not a hockey fan and tired of waiting.


At 4:36 PM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

T -
Although I think Pat Martin and Raja Bell were unique circumstances, I share your concerns regarding the rest of those departures.

This will definitely be one of the story arcs of the season. We'll see if Wolffie can pull a rabbit out of his hat.

I agree that it's frustrating to watch a program that could make "The Leap" at any moment continue to linger just above mediocrity.


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