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Friday, November 10, 2006

Terriers maintain respectability against G-Dub

Going into this game, I had no idea what to expect from a team that had lost KG, Shaun Wynn-credible, Hassan the Assassin and Coblyn the Goblin. I mean, this team is in serious need of some new nicknames. Not to mention a scoring punch.

Then I found out that neither Omari nor Brian Macon (our two senior captains) would not be starting. The starting line-up consisted of 4 freshmen and a soph. I'm not kidding.

But you know what? They played hard, they moved the ball pretty well, and they put the ball through the hoop once in a while. Yes there were freshman mistakes leading to turnovers and bad shot selections. But they were not afraid to shoot and score, which I think is something we've been missing. And while they ended up with a 13-point loss (not a bad showing), they were down by 4 with 6 minutes remaining. And they came back from at least a 17-point deficit at one point.

Carlos Strong started shooting the lights out from downtown. The other frosh (Sherrod Smith, Tyler Morris, Corey Lowe and Scott Brittain) all showed that we have some serious talent on this team. I thought that Ibe played horribly, and I have no idea why he started. I think Omari should have filled that role, as he played pretty well. He's obviously our best post player, and that part of our offense was a black hole tonight.

All in all, the game made me kind of excited about this year's Terriers. It will be fun to watch these guys grow together this year, and who knows, maybe win a game or two.


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