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Friday, November 10, 2006

The 2006-07 Season: Building block of our 08-09 championship?

Ah, college basketball season. 2006/07 brings the Terriers a new platter of fresh-faced freshmen, new defections from the team, sophomores who have barely played, and senior leadership in the form of two guys who have played a combined 2.5 years here. The ENTIRE TERRIERS ROSTER contains 5 and a half years of playing experience at BU. That is ridiculous.

Recipe for disaster? Time will tell. The America East conference is at its weakest point since 3 teams left for the Colonial (although many teams are improving). The other AE coaches seem to have a bit more optimism, choosing the Terriers to finish 5th in the league in the pre-season poll. And get this: some coach in the league actually picked BU to finish FIRST. The winner of that dubious distinction goes to Albany's Will Brown, who was not allowed to vote for his own team to finish first. This puts Coach Brown's judgment in question and makes me wonder how he was able to lead the Great Danes to the NCAA tournament last year. This makes a little more sense, however, when you notice that the 42 points the Terriers picked up in that poll put them only 7 behind second-place Maine - this puts the judgment of the rest of the AE coaches into question as well, making Will Brown's job a little easier.

But Coach Wolff has also expressed hope, as evidenced in this Boston Herald article from this week. He even talked about loosening the leash on his young players when it comes to creating offense, saying:

"We are going to be a three-guard team and with so many young guys, we are going to play simpler offensively. We’ll try to put them in position to play more naturally and not so controlled."

That alone should be cause for optimism among Terrier fans.


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