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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

No swearing at BU games? F*ck that

The good news: the BU athletic program is making some national waves this fall!

The bad news: the reason is because the administration is a bunch of fun-hating language Nazis. Apparently, Boston University students have re-entered the 4th grade. From AP via ESPN:

Muzzled Terriers: BU outlaws swearing in stands

BOSTON -- Boston University fans had better watch their language.

Under a new campus policy, anyone caught swearing or taunting the opposing players with racist or sexist chants during games face ejection, and repeated offenders could even be banned.

Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore said the new rule followed a stream of complaints about students' behavior at hockey games, particularly their swearing. Even NCAA hockey officials, who have probably heard it all in their jobs, have complained, he said.


Some students weren't ready to believe it.

"That's terrible and an infringement on our freedom of speech," Kendall Lyons, an 18-year-old sophomore who said he often takes part in the chants, told The Boston Globe. "Sports won't be fun anymore."

Read a more in-depth article at the Boston Globe.

Now, obviously this rule is aimed at the hockey fans, and not so much the basketball fans. But I'm sure it applies at all BU sporting events. And since this will affect the BU basketball-watching experience, I'll go on record saying that the new rule sucks.

I'm well aware that the school would like to create a "family" atmosphere. But this is college sports. When it comes down to it, the games are for the students. The ESPN article mentions that the policy was modeled after similar rules at Ohio State and Wisconsin -- those two school have great reputations as tough places for opponents to play, so we're in good company. However, I've never heard anything truly egregious at a BU game when it comes to fan obscenity. The worst it gets is the "F*** em up" chant, which by now is an institution. This rule makes it that much harder to get into an opponent's head.

So to those hockey fans pissed off about the no swearing rule I challenge you this: Come to a BU basketball game. With things a little quieter, you can try your hand at some more nuanced jeers at the opponents. We've had fun at the expense of All-American Jameer Nelson, telling him he was "definitely only a second-rounder" and "have fun playing for the Raptors." Brandon Hunter of Ohio University (future Celtics draft pick) almost threatened the life of our friend Nick, and he didn'd utter one obscenity all game! Point is, come to a basketball game to taunt opponents in a nice, clean, family-appropriate way. That'll really piss off the politeness police.


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