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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Raise the Roof (after we play on it)

Tonight we face Harvard, our most beatable opponent yet, back at the good old roof. But that isn't to say it's a guaranteed win. They're 5-1, and have beaten our conference rivals Vermont and UNH. They also took it to Holy Cross, in Worcester. They average 71 ppg, a heluva lot more than our 51 ppg.

Also consider that we'll most likely have only 9 players available, assuming Coblyn is still resting his foot. Hopefully, though, we'll see the same outstading performance that we saw last Friday against GW. I know it's unlikely that Wynn will ever make 6 threes in one game again, but he needs to help KG (who has done a great job so far) lead our offense. We also need Corey Hassan to shoot more, and score earlier. Once this kid gets on fire, he stays on fire. The only problem is he rarely scores in the first half, and only gets in his rhythm with about 10 minutes left in the game.

We all know there is a lot we need to work on, but here's a list of things I'd like to see during the game tonight. Some of them are easily do-able, others, I got greedy with. Hopefully we can check a few of these things off the list when I post tonight after the game (esp. that last one).

Things I'd like to see tonight:

-Corey Hassan to score the first points of the game with a three.
-Better penetration. This includes driving and passing it to KG or Ibe.
-Ibe score a basket without needing to touch the rim with his hands.
-More use of the press. Earlier use of it as well (as in the first half).
-10 blocks between Ibe and KG.
-Less than 10 turnovers in the entire game. If not, how 'bout less than 15?
-25 minutes out of Big O.
-Someone tell me that I have the boarist manners of a Yalie.
-People making more than 60% of their free throws. I mean come on!
-More than 200 people in the stands.
-A win, for fuck's sake.


At 3:00 PM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

Amen brutha. Your list is right on, and I would add:
- Macon has a 2:1 assist-to-turnover ratio
- Someone sings "Fair Harvard"
- BU scores over 60 points
- The High Roller asks some creep if he likes apples

At 3:22 PM, Blogger ginzo said...

I fucking hate harvard. I've been to the past 2 years ass-whoopings, and I hope BU makes it 3 in a row... I hope Ibe dunks right on Cushworth, that guy is a stiff...

Seriously, Harvard is very beatable. I've seen 2 of their games, they are not nearly as good as their record is.

Looking forward to giving the Harvard fans a lot of shit...


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