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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Finally Getting Around to Writing About BU-GW

Would you believe I was so overwhelmed by the game that it took me 2 days to gather my thoughts? No? Okay, it was just kind of a busy weekend with the High Roller in town and all. Luckily, you had his more-than-capable analysis to keep you company.

I was pleased with the game. It was fun to watch, we played well, and I saw some positive developments on offense. Shaun Wynn played out of his mind for sure, but I'm not ready to deify him like the High Roller is. I don't see him playing like that every night. But as a senior captain, he needs to step up with big performances in big games like this one, and I was really glad to see it. Gardner was solid (as usual), Ibe came down will some monster dunks (and absolutely nothing else). Macon and Geffen had a tough time with GW's athletic defense at times, but also had some nice assists throughout the game. Bottom line, if we play like this during conference play, we're not going to lose many games.

One great thing I saw from Coach Wolff was a change in our offensive pace. We are still a defense-first team and our tempo is still comparatively slow, but even Wolff must see the need to score over 40 points in a game (like against URI). We weren't breaking any sound barriers, but we did things like pushing the ball fast up the court after turnovers and rebounds. It didn't always work. Sometimes it did. I liked the effort though, and I'm sure it's an indication that Wolff is trying to spark his scorers. Wynn in particular seemed ready to push it when he saw an opportunity (and he seemed to be the beneficiary on this night as well).

All in all, loved the effort, of course not satisfied with the results, but we're getting there.


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