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Thursday, December 01, 2005

BU Hoops, District-stylee

It's a very exciting time for us down here in the nation's capital. The High Roller just flew into town, and we're partying it up in Adams-Morgan tonight in order to achieve the perfect hangover for tomorrow's game.

I have assembled 35+ die-hard BU alumni to come to this game against GW, and we'll be loud and proud and we'll attempt to use that pride to quiet all those Colonial fans in the Charles E. Smith Center. If you live in the DC area, for the love of Pete, come out to the Froggy Bottom Pub at about 6ish and meet us for a pint or two before the game. Sure, we may not defeat the #22-ranked GW Colonials... but damn it we'll have a good time.

Also, check back before the game tomorrow for possible very special guest (you'll understand tomorrow if it works out!).


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