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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Subtraction and Addition

So we're down a few men coming into this Friday's matchup with THE George Washington University. Matt Wolff looks like he might be done for a while - possible MCL injury (OUCH - see you next year, Matt). Ben Coblyn has sat out the last two games with his high ankle sprain, and been seen walking around in The Boot. And Tony Gaffney missed the URI game and BU says this is for a "violation of team rules" (sources say the team rule in question is, like, not failing out of classes or something). We hear he's gone for the rest of the semester, and then will be back in January.

But just as BU is losing 3 players, GW's monster forward Pops Mensah-Bonsu comes back from serving his three-game suspension, just in time to face the Terriers. Pops is GW's best player... here's hoping he's rusty his first time out.


At 12:02 PM, Blogger ginzo said...

Gaffney didn't fail any classes and will be back a bit before January.

At 4:22 PM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

If it wasn't doing poorly in classes do you know what team rule it was?

At 5:14 PM, Blogger ginzo said...

Lets just say his grades are good, but his butt wasn't in his chair enough.


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