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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The BU Hoops Experience at GWU

As you may have read, I had been planning for the GW game for quite some time, what with planning the alumni club outing and the High Roller coming into town and all. The alumni event was a resounding success, defying the expectations of even the alumni club itself. We had about 35-40 people at the game, all clad in red and ready to cheer their little hearts out.

Starting out at Froggy Bottom Pub was a great idea - good chance to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones. Unfortunately, good buddy Mark decided to wait until 15 minutes before game-time to get hungry and order a burger. After he finished it in a record-breaking 110 seconds, we headed to the Smith Center.

GW's group ticket sales guy was nice, but he gave us crappy seats. Top three rows on one of the "end zones" gave us kind of a bird's-eye view of the game (in a bad way). But the good news is we were loud enough to make our presence known. Scattered BU fans from around the arena gravitated to our section, and we were annoying enough during BU's second half run that the Jumbotron showed us to get the GW fans fired up.

And it's been mentioned a few times on this blog, but again: the giant inflatable George Washington was beyond ridiculous. It's stunted, jerky "dancing" and elbows pinned to its sides made it look like it was doing a cross between the robot and the Elaine dance. Add to that the fact that I couldn't get the idea that it was a giant sex doll out of my head, it was quite a disturbing image.


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