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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Terriers get Rammed (not literally) 48-38

Holy Jesus, where do I begin? Unfortunately, the problems tonight agains URI went deeper than Wynn missing a wide open lay-up. When you have the choice of getting the good news or the bad news first, usually the good news makes up for the bad news. Not this time. I think I'll start with the bad and get it out of the way.

-Turnovers. Again. EVERY GAME. I don't know what will help this. Perhaps less movement around the perimeter, and more to the inside, which brings me to my next point.

-No inside game. We just could not get the ball inside. Or they didn't want to. Couldn't really tell. That and very few times did anyone drive. You can't score all your points from the outside.

-Defense on the perimeter. It's gotta be tighter. I don't know how many threes they dropped on us, but it was a lot.

-Defense in general. I'm still baffled by this one. Why did Wolff wait until 30 minutes into the game to use the press for the first time? That was the only part of the game where we seemed to have control. If we slow them down on their half of the court, they're a lot less likely to run down the court and drop a three within 5 seconds, which happened more than a few times.

-Wolff (the player, not the coach) went down early with a leg injury. No report on how he's doing, but he's a solid player with great fundamentals. I don't think I remember seeing him in the game after that. If it was, it wasn't much at all.

-This doesn't really relate to tonight's game, but a source says that Gaffney is suspened for the rest of the semester for academic reasons. Not a good thing to hear.

Good points

-We held them under 50. Not shabby for a pretty offensive team. And a loss by 10 isn't that bad. It's just depressing.

-Shooting. Sure we missed several shots, but a lot of them could have gone either way. By this i mean shots that rimmed out or bounced around for about a minute before being grabbed down by the other team. We had lots of good looks, the shots just weren't falling. That happens to every team.

-The Bench. We're still seeing a lot off that bench. Big O had a really good game, with lots of playing time. Coblyn, Wolff, and Sullivan were in there for limited minutes.

This was a game we should have won. Not much else to say.


At 1:05 AM, Blogger ginzo said...

Coblyn was not in for limited minutes, he was in street cloths on the sideline with a high ankle sprain...

At 4:35 PM, Blogger Tall-boy said...

Yeah, sounds like the same injury he's been fighting for a few games now... he tried to play with it against Michigan but was pretty ineffective. Guess I'd rrather have him sit out until it's fully healed.

What really hurts us is Gaffney's suspension - that could be a killer, depending on how long he's out.


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