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Friday, November 11, 2005

Sure He Can Dunk, But Can He Break Down the 3 Keys to the Game?

BU made a big deal on their website this summer of announcing our new (and old) radio announcer, Doug Brown. This is actually pretty cool news, since Doug is a BU alumnus who broadcasted BU basketball from 1981-95, and is currently a broadcaster for ESPNRadio and an anchor for the radio version of SportsCenter. Which sounds pretty impressive, but then if he's such a big-shot why is he coming back to broadcast Terrier basketball again? Either way, it's nice to have somebody who knows what they're doing, and a "name" behind the mike (even if I've never heard that name before!).

Yesterday, the High Roller passed along a little rumor, which as it turns out was slightly inaccurate but still close to the mark. Turns out that #1 Vermont Cheerleader Tom Brennan will be acting as the color commentator on the radio broadcasts for a couple of BU games, including the Duke game on Monday. All this means is that it'll be a little more difficult to tell if he's drunk while on the air.

But here's the big news: BU is bringing in former Terrier forward and all-around goofball Billy Collins as the color commentator for all of the Terriers' home games and a few of the road games! Let's see... that bio I linked to earlier lists him as an education major, he's spent the last few years bouncing around various low-level Euro leagues... what exactly qualifies him to be broadcasting BU's games (other than having showered with several of the current players)? I've met Billy a bunch of times - he's a nice guy and quite a talker... but we'll just have to wait and see if he's the second coming of Marv Albert or merely the next in a long line of Bill Waltons.


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