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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Few Weeks in the Future

Well the Freep has finally got the ball rolling, pun intended, as they had an unprecedented two articles in a row covering the mens baskeball team. Today's article was much more useful, and relevent, at least in terms of what their goals should be, and what our goals are, here at Doggy Style.

I don't know if it was the athletics department's plan to make the basketball team look foolish, but did they really have to schedule their home opener, in the spectacular Agganis Arena, at 7:oo PM, the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break? Let's not forget that we're playing Michigan, who's provided us with two of our best wins in the past two years.

My point is, with such an important game for our home opener, no one's going to be around to see it. Everyone will be bolting home for the break without even thinking twice about basketball. I'm guessing that Agganis will be less than half full, rather than more than half empty. I'm an optimist. Still, I hope I'm wrong about my guess. At least the writer for the Freep was encouraging support, and who knows, maybe if we can actually beat Duke, or at least come close, we can sell out against Michigan, which is much more important than the Duke game.

5 More Days!!


At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Tall-boy said...

Argh, that really is some BS, I didn't make the connection that it's the same week as Thanksgiving. The reality is though, it's probably the only time Michigan would agree to come see us.

I'm hoping the local community picks us up on this one and builds a strong crowd.


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