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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Season Begins (for Albany)

Well, it's officially here (for some teams). Syracuse got the ball rolling on Tuesday with a convincing win over Bethune-Cookman. More importantly for our purposes, the first America East team played last night.

Albany soundly defeated powerhouse Oakland University, 90-73. And no, we're not talking the Oak-town where MC Hammer is from, this one is some tiny town in Michigan. Anyway, they did make the NCAA tournament last year, but only because they play in the super-weak Mid-Continent Conference. As expected, their strong corps of guards carried the team with little help from the inside positions. Tonight, we can see how Albany will do against some real competition, as they move on to play the mighty University of Florida Gators

Since Albany's prospects this year are one of the huge question marks for the America East this season, these early games at least provide something to talk about while we are impatient for our season to start!!


At 3:07 PM, Blogger Batt21 said...

Big guy...I mean Tall Boy. The Grizzlies from Oakland University are not all bad. I actually think that's a pretty good win for Albany. I don't know much about their team this year, but OU usually gets the in-state kid that just missed getting into Michigan or Michigan State. There is some pretty good high school ball played in Detroit, Flint, Lansing, etc.

I'm one of the Bloggers that wasn't giving Albany any credit after the AE coaches picked them to win the conference, but now.....I don't know. While I'm not ready to hand them an NCAA Tourney bid, I'm impressed with the easy victory over OU.


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