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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cover us, please!

I just spent 90 minutes searching around the internets to find a mainstream media article about the Terriers to make pithy comments about and generally ridicule. See, I've noticed that this is a good way for bloggers to make editorial comments about their team or to give a quick roundup of the world of college basketball. The master of this technique is Yoni over at yoco :: college basketball, whom I hope to God doesn't have a wife or kids to worry about, since I'm positive he spends the entirety of his waking hours reading/writing about basketball.

But you know what I found during this hour and a half of searching? That one Freep article that I referenced last Wednesday, and that was it. I was unlucky enough to stumble upon a lot of vomit-inducing garbage about BC's basketball team and their first season in the ACC, but nothing about a reloading Terriers squad hungry to overtake a reeling America East conference. Not even in BU's own newspaper!

And again, the question is: why not? To be fair, another Boston school which shall remain nameless also moved up a notch in the conference hierarchy, and we haven't read so much as a peep about that school's very exciting upcoming season (if it's possible to read a peep). The BU basketball Terriers are not receiving media attention in the major Boston newspapers or in its own school paper, because it's not the top dog (pun certainly intended) in the city (BC) OR even in the school (hockey). And you know what? That sucks. I'd love to read Dan Shaughnessy's take on our freshmen, or even that dude over at the Freep... you know, Captain whats-his-face.

It's a steady diet of BC and hockey. We're the Boston college hoops version of the Mets, White Sox, Clippers, and the Junior Olympics.


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