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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Redick-ulous wager

Due to the poor internet connection in my house, I've been reduced to posting from the on campus computer lounges, but there is good news. The BU Free Press actually wrote an article about the basketball team! I know that our first game is still a week away (that's partially why our blog has slowed down. Once things start happening, the ball will really get rolling), but seriously, the paper could have done more, like an article on the freshman, preseason, predictions, anything. Hell, Tall-Boy and I have been posting almost every day for the past two weeks.

The gist of the article was basically what everyone is talking about. BU will get blown out by Duke, we will move on. What's really been pissing me off lately is listening to people who know nothing about the team talking about how BU will be destroyed, and that's that. My boss said that Redick will drop 30 points in the first half. Well, if Redick scores 30 points in the ENTIRE game, I will literally kiss my bosses ass. But that would be awkward so not literally. I will however post a formal letter on this blog apologizing to my boss, Tony, for ever doubting his ingenious college basketball knowledge.

6 Days.


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