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Friday, November 04, 2005

Etienne, we hardly knew ye...

I first saw Etienne Brower in the GSU the year before he joined the Terriers during a recruiting trip. At the time, Billy Collins told me that the "kid's a baller." Well, Etienne played pretty well over his next two years, but never seemed to really click. He was used sparingly during his first year, and then really started to emerge in his second, showing occasional signs of brilliance. We hoped he would be the team's "rock" next year, after the departure of BU hoop gods Rashad and Chaz graduated. After all, he was the team's 3rd-leading scorer.

But he was lacking the fire. You could tell he was never going to be the leader of our team, or any team. In the end, something got in the middle of his relationship with Wolff - so much so that Etienne decided he could not finish his last two years at BU. Takes a real man to run away from a tough situation, right?

Etienne, we'll see you sitting in street clothes when BU visits UMass on 12/12. Enjoy the view, and hope it works out the way you planned.


At 3:21 AM, Blogger the High Roller said...

Great Point tall-boy. Not sure if you remember, but we were both there at the game at UMass, along with old school, God rest his soul. We had a two point lead, but E passed it basically straight to the other team with 3 seconds left, and fouled Ray-ray, or whatever his name is when he dunked on us. My point is, maybe he knew he'd be playing for them at some point, and wanted to give them some support in the meantime. Regardless, the kid was never clutch, esp. against Northeastern, and if he wants to sit on some cold plastic seats rather than be a star, so be it.


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