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Monday, November 19, 2007


The Terriers got off to a very slow start against the Huskies of Northeastern, turning the ball over roughly 10 times in the first 10 minutes, and while they picked up their game after that point, they never had the huge run necessary to take control of the game.

A few things:

*We have no inside presense. Scott Britain just doesn't seem ready to shoulder the weight of being our big man. Yet. There's no doubt he'll improve over the course of this season, and come tourney time, he'll be a big part of the puzzle.

*We need a point guard. Until Tyler Morris returns, if he ever does, we're going to be scoring very few points. Granted, we cut back after a sloppy first 10 minutes, and 13 total for the game is a great feat for the Terriers, but we quickly dug ourselves a hole that was too tough to climb out of.

*I hate losing to the Chubbies (and I'm sure the players do even more), because of their fans. It's not that the fans are jackasses, but they always seem to outnumber us at our home games. It's pathetic whenever that happens, and it's pathetic that I can hear "De-fense" cheers when we have the ball. Shouldn't happen.

*It's too early to worry. Conference play is still a long ways away, and until then, we've got plenty of games to work out the many problems that we seem to have. I feel that the pieces are there, we just need to find a way for them all to fit together.


At 10:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Wolff could coach offense one half as well as he recruits we'd win 25 games every year. I guess we can look forward to a fresh crop of transfers this year because he doesn't let them shoot.


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