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Monday, November 19, 2007

Old Crosstown Rivals Come to Town (the better part of town)

I had the good fortune of spending the weekend in DC, where I listened to the St. Joe's game on the radio with Tall-boy. Later that night, another member of the BU Wolff pack informed us that the game was actually on TV. It made us angry, but I think that watching BU shoot 37% from the field and turn the ball over 20 times would have made us angrier.

Tonight, we take on former America East rival Northeastern, who left to join the powerhouse Colonial Conference. I don't know a bunch about the Chubbies this year, but I remember slinking out of Northeastern's gym last year hoping no one could tell I was a BU fan. It was that bad. Let's see if we can change things around a little bit tonight.

If you're unfortunate enough to have a class tomorrow and most of your friends have gone home for Thanksgiving already, swing by the roof and check out the action.

My prediction: BU 68-NU 66


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