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Monday, November 05, 2007

Taiwanese Terriers

I wasn't over in Taiwan this summer with the team to write about it, so I'll let these people write about it. You should read the whole articles, but here are some snippets.

First a general overview article from SI on Campus:
The trip provided an opportunity for a Terrier squad with just two returning seniors to share the experience of a lifetime, as well as to entertain adoring international fans. The tournament included BU, the University of British Columbia, Northeastern University (China), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and the United Vietnamese National Universities.

"They know what Division I college basketball is. We were like celebrities, but it was fun," said sophomore Corey Lowe.

"It was rock-star status," Morris said. "It was absolutely ridiculous. It was out of control."

Second, a Freep article which had some funny stuff:

Even with the language barriers, America East Rookie of the Year Tyler Morris said that on Kainan's camus, the Terriers were treated like rock stars, especially Ibrahim Konate, the 6-foot-8 forward from Bamako, Mali.

"Ib was the man over there. They thought he was like some sort of god resurrected in Taiwan," Morris said. "They just loved him. I thought it was the funniest thing ever. We were all like, 'You go back to reality in a couple days, you better soak this up.'"


Wolff couldn't let go of his graduating seniors, Omari Peterkin and Brian Macon, without bringing them on the trip as well and even letting them coach the game against Hochiminh City Technical Education University (Vietnam) - a game that featured a moment which made even Wolff do a double take.

"I just said to them before the game, 'We don't want to embarrass them,'" Wolff said. "So Corey ended up on breakaway and went up and dunked it hard. And the kid from Vietnam is giving him skin as he's running back and the ref is trying to hug him. You're sitting down on the endline and you're thinking, 'Did I just see that right?'"

"I threw him an alley-oop and he dunked it ridiculously hard," Morris added. "I don't even know, he caught it and just slammed it home and the ref was just going berserk. He had never seen anything like it."

That is some hilarious shit. And finally, I hope Scott Brittain will forgive me for stealing this photo of Carlos Strong from Facebook, but it is badass.


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