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Monday, November 12, 2007

Great Expectations

I meant to post this before the first game, but I wanted to give a sample of what people are saying about the Terriers entering the season:

  • America East Coaches Poll - #1 in America East
  • Athlon's Sports Yearbook - #1 in America East
  • Lindy's College Basketball Yearbook - #1 in America East
  • The Sporting News College Basketball Yearbook - #1 in America East
  • ESPN Bracketology - #1 in America East (and NCAA #16 seed)

    So the mainstream media is swinging from BU's nuts. (I should note however that all of these predictions were made prior to the Tyler Morris injury, which changes everything). The lone holdout is Blue Ribbon Yearbook, which also happens to be the most respected in the college basketball world BY FAR. I, along with thousands of other college hoops die-hards, pre-ordered my copy this year only to find the Terriers ranked #4 in America East.

    Their reasoning mostly cites the unproven front court, which is a fair criticism. But due to losses on all the other AE rosters, I side with the others who rank BU first. Blue Ribbon is so highly respected for a reason: they are very good. Here's hoping they are wrong this time.


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