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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Half-time Update

Thank God for this break from Washington Post Radio's "unbaised" coverage of the game. Here's a few things from the first half:

*Great start by our shooters, and then we went ice cold. If we want to win this game, Carlos and Corey will have to catch on fire early in the second half, and stay that way.

*Everyone's getting into the game. Listening from home, I've heard almost every Terrier's name so far (excluding the players whose names I don't know).

*I'm pretty sure I heard Tall-boy yelling to Matt Wolff that he's playing good defense. He must have been shouting pretty loud to be heard from the top of the upper deck. Did we mention that he, and to a lesser extent the BU Alumni, got 80 Terriers fans to the game? If only we could do that for away games that are in the northeast region of our country.

*Not that this is anything new for us, but turnovers are killing us.

*Unless something has changed in the two years that I've been out of college, then I feel that the GW students aren't grasping the concept of the "airball" chant. As far as I can tell, and from Albany, I can't sense much of what's going on, it seems that they're chanting "airball" everytime BU has the ball. No specific player, but whenever we have the ball, that's what they've been chanting. Whatever gives your team the advantage I guess.

10 points at half-time? We've come back from worse, I believe.


At 3:14 PM, Blogger MW said...

Since I had the opportunity to enjoy the game from the glorious upper deck of the Smith Center (many thanks to the BU alum event), I thought I'd offer a couple observations:
1. Matt Wolff stinks. He makes the occasional great pass and plays decent defense, but he gets lost with the ball too often, makes poor shot selection, and shoots terribly regardless of shot selection (I think he's shooting 20% on the season)
2. Our interior couldn't handle Rob Diggs, plain and simple... on defense and offense. It got to the point that in the beginning of the second half Britain was found open under the basket but hesitated twice (despite being open) and gave Diggs enough time to recover and block the crap out of him. He got in our big guys' heads.

3. We play good, hard defense, the typical Dennis Wolff swarming zone that works when you have athletic ballplayers (which we do). We get beat by the three at times, but the defense isn't a big problem.

With all that said, its a promising team. As good as the team that went toe-to-toe with the Coppenrath-Sorrentine UVM team that ousted Cuse. (Ugh, stupid Stony Brook) I'm hopeful.


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