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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ain't no party like a DC party

Tonight may only be the second game, but it's the biggest game of the year for me. See, this is the only time the Terriers visit my adopted hometown of DC. Just like two years ago, myself and a group of other BU alumni will pre-game at a Foggy Bottom bar and head to the game. SO PUMPED.

The best part will be the chance to taunt these ridiculous-looking creatures again:

The only unfortunate side effect could be some domestic strife -- the ladyfriend is a diehard Colonial. But thankfully, we've decided that whoever wins the game, we'll never speak of it again..

Now, about the game:
Last year, when GW beat BU in shiny new Agganis Arena by 13, GW was a wise, experienced team-- and BU was starting 4 freshman in their first collegiate game ever. Since then, GW graduated a few very important seniors, including Carl Elliott who torched the Terriers for 25 points, and replaced them with Rob Diggs (which is a badass name) and Wynton Witherspoon AKA "SPOOOOOOON". And BU's 4 now-sophomores are a year older and leading a team expected to win their conference. As GW head coach Karl Hobbs (who once patrolled the BU sidelines as an assistant coach but now makes the hearts of GW's young ladies flutter), "Boston University isn't a team I want to play two years from now."

Well, here we are 1 year later. Is it possible that Karl was one year off?


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