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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Stansbury of the East

Every year that I can remember, have taken on Hahhhhhhhvahd in men's basketball. And all the times I can remember, we have beaten them (my memory may not be perfect though). And that includes the drubbing 3 years ago where we doubled the Crimsons up, 86-42. It also includes last year's game, which turned out to be our first win after 5 losses to start the season.

Our annual game is the only time of year (besides when we meet in hockey) that I can turn to friends like Molly and Josh T and say, "HA! YOU MAY BE INFINITELY MORE INTELLIGENT AND WIND UP MAKING 8 TIMES MY SALARY, BUT WHO'S THE REAL DEAL WHEN IT COMES TO LOW-MAJOR COLLEGE BASKETBALL?? THAT'S RIGHT, BIATCH! BOO-YAH!" And then Molly and Josh T will usually respond by playing logic games with my head, and somehow convincing me that Harvard is actually a better team than BU despite losing to them every year. I have no idea how they do this.

Listen to tonight's game on the radio if you can't make it across the River Charles to see it in person. But beware: there is also a men's hockey game at Vermont tonight, and in the past that has caused havoc with the radio schedule.


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