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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

BU defeats Harvard, takes their lunch money

I like this team.

I enjoy watching/listening to them play ball. They're young, so they come with the requisite amount of mistakes, but they have tons of energy, they're not afraid to attack on offense, and they can shoot pretty damn well. That, my friends, makes for exciting basketball.

The three-headed freshman monster of Lowe/Morris/Strong contributed 49 points to tonight's 78-74 win over the smart kids. Morris is a true leader out there. Lowe is still coming back from pre-season injury but still looks good. And Strong continues to be fearless on offense while adding some sparks on defense.

Best stats of the night:
  • -7.... our turnover differential for the game.
  • 93.... our free throw percentage.

    Congrats on Win #1 fellas!


    At 2:48 PM, Blogger the High Roller said...

    49 points from that trio?? I think it's obvious the'll be our core and will lead us back to the top of the America East at some point. Unless of course they don't see eye to eye with Wolff.


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