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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Heartbreaker

No other word can describe last nights game. It was a bonified heartbreaker in front of several BU fans who made the short drive. To see the Terriers down at half-time, as usual, then fight back for the lead throughout the entire second half, only to lose it in the last minutes broke my heart.

In the first half, I saw a sloppy, lazy offense combined with a gritty defense. There was very little movement when we had the ball, and no plays were developing. In the second half, we came out looking like a solid college basketball team. For the first 17 minutes of the second half, we outplayed Holy Cross. After that, the inexperience of our young team showed. We missed free throws and we turned the ball over.

Nonetheless, I was very impressed with the way our team looked in the second half. They played well as a team, with almost everyone fitting into their roles. KG and Omari really took over in the second half, after being completely shut down in the paint in the first half. KG and Gaffney had some pretty sweet steals, and Wynn and Macon made some sick moves.

All in all, a good performance in the second half, but we came out flat at the begining of the game, which is one of our biggest problems.

I'd also like to give #41 on Holy Cross the "most butt-ugly free throw I've ever seen" award. Picture a kid with rakes instead of arms, and that's what it was like.


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