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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Apparently They Had God On Their Side

Gosh, I wish we could have had that one. I'm starting to really hate Holy Cross. We dropped this one 57-55 in what sounded on the radio and from first-person accounts to be a very exciting game.

Some early thoughts--

Yea: Omari came up BIG again, with a career high 19. Adn he seemed to be clutch too, stepping up when we needed a bucket.

Nay: Corey gets only 5. He's part of the reason we had ZERO 3-pointers in the second half. We knew the 7-game double-digit streak wouldn't last forever, but I hope it's not long before he's back to form.

Yea: KG was solid again, and it sounded like Gaffney had a pretty good game (despite bricking the potential game-tying shot).

Nay: Eleven for 23 in free throws!! 48% is unacceptable, period. I feel like that is what cost us this game.

Yea: At least this one doesn't count. It's our last practice [read: non-conference] game before getting to the good stuff.


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