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Thursday, December 29, 2005

BU Snatches 3rd Place Trophy, Will Display in Lobby of The Greek

BU routed UC-Riverside in the consolation game of the Cable Car Classic tonight, 80-69. The game wasn't really as close as the score sounds. BU was easily the much better team. The hapless Highlanders, who fell to 0-10 on the season, always seemed to be playing out of control - they ran down the court and either shot the ball or turned it over in the first 10 seconds of the possession. BU used patience and ran when they had to, and they racked up their highest point total of the season.

KG made his mama proud by scoring 19 after last night's disappointing 6. The radio guys said Brian Macon was fantastic at the point (and the numbers back them up), and Omari was solid in his first ever start. And of course Hassan the Assassin dumped in his customary 17 (yawn). Glad we got this win before heading back east for 2 more road games!

One other note: former BC and Ohio State coach Jim O'Brien did the radio color commentary for these past two games, and he was outstanding. He always had a lot of intelligent things to say, and I felt like I was learning something. I know Coach probably has a lot on his plate, but if he wanted to take a few of Billy Collins' shifts at the mike I wouldn't complain...


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