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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Let's Hope These Resolutions Last Past January

Having almost fully recovered from the annual New Year's hangover, time to start thinking about 2006 and what will become the Year of the Terrier (I do think the High Roller is still down for the count though). I thought I'd chime in with what I feel should be some New Year's resolutions for Coach Wolff and the boys.

In 2006, BU basketball should resolve:
  • To not let men's basketball attendance to fall below 1000 (yes, that includes games at the Roof too). Anything less is totally unacceptable. This is more the Athletic Department's problem, but it should be a priority.
  • To get our future stars some more experience. Aside from Hassan, guys like Brendan Sullivan and Marques Johnson are going to be big down the line. I wish they could get more PT and experience now. Gaffney could use some more minutes too. Where will the minutes come from, and who do we take them away from? Eh, let Wolff figure that one out.
  • To be careful with Hobblin' Coblyn's gimpy ankles! Yes we need him badly to help KG and Big O in the middle, but he's another future star of ours and we don't need a nagging injury saddling him through February.
  • To refuse to lose any more games at home. We lost at home to Rhode Island and Michigan, which are understandable losses. But there is nobody left on our slate that should beat us there (yes that's the whole conference).
  • To help KG gain attention for a run at the America East Player of the Year. He's one of the most hard-working guys in the conference, he's the leader of the 05-06 Terriers, and he's putting up the biggest numbers of his career. With Jamar Wilson's Albany squad underperforming a bit so far and Hartford's Kenny Adeleke as Jamar's main challenger, there's an opening for KG to turn some heads. So get him the damn ball!
  • To win the conference championship and make it to the Big Dance. Duh.


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