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Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Highlander Has Something To Do With Scotland, Right?

OK, here's what I know about tonight's opponent UC-Riverside:
  • They play in the America East-like Big West Conference.
  • They are currently 0-9 on the season.
  • Their weather is probably 100 times better than Boston's.

    Even with that limited knowledge, I'll be pissed if we lose to the mighty Highlanders. This is one of those games that we should never ever lose (and we haven't, over the last 4 years). UCR has not played a bad schedule, so their 0-9 record could be misleading, but BU should win these games in their sleep.

    So how do we go about doing that? We execute our offensive game plan, and play our regular lock-down defense. Luckily, they reset the fouls after each game, so KG will get one more chance to impress his homeboyz. He needs to be deeply involved under the basket - if the Terriers can get him the ball down there, we will win. With the inside-out threat of Hassan and Gardner, we are tough to defend when all cylinders are pumping.

    Let's drive these suckas back up to the highlands.


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