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Monday, January 02, 2006

OK Now Hold That Position For 11 Weeks

December 30th could be a turning point in this Terriers season. On that day, way back to last year, Boston University made its first appearance on ESPN's Bracketology. This week, bracketologist Joe Lunardi has pegged BU for the 16 seed in the Oakland bracket - but we're playing #1 seed Villanova in Philadelphia before that (I'm so making that trip!!). That #16 is no surprise by the way, considering the putridity of most of the America East conference this year (no teams over .500!!). I'm just glad Lunardi doesn't have up destined for that 64 vs. 65 play-in game (yet!).

I say this is a turning point because for the first time, the young Terriers are being regarded by some of the so-called "experts" as the front-runners. Vermont can certainly also make a strong case for that status, as can Albany, who had been listed in every previous Bracketology this year. Albany's not-so-good losses to Sacred Heart, Harvard and in their grudge match against Siena helped elicit their fall.

The rest of the conference is chasing us now, and maybe that can help us elevate our game a notch or two.


At 1:24 PM, Blogger ginzo said...

Tall Boy, if you send me an email address, I have some good stuff for your sight. I recently scouted Albany at their game at Brown last week, and have like 10 pages of notes I could turn into a blurb for you before we play albany... also, I might do an interview for another site with Billy Collins on his time imn Europe, if your interested in that as well. Email me at kamakazeescotsman@yahoo.com


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