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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Get Crunked

This is kind of a follow-up to the Holy Cross game, where this issue featured prominantly. The issue I'm talking about is that nearly every game, the Terriers come out flat, and have to struggle to get back into the game in the second half. I think it's only been two or three games where we've led at half time.

While we usually outplay our opponents in the second half, it's not always enough to overcome the first half deficit.

So why does this happen? Part of it has to do with preparation for the game. It seems that every half time, Coach Wolff gives one hell of a speech and comes up with a great strategy, leading us to play like a true college team in the second half.

So why doesn't this work for the first half? I'm sure Wolff gives them a pep talk and his strategy before every game, so maybe the players just need to get crunked up a little bit before each game.

At home games, we have the chance to give them a real home-field advantage. The bigger and louder the crowd, the more they'll get pumped up for the start of the game, and play with intensity right from the start. At away games, it will be harder (it'll be especially hard for Tall-boy in Baltimore tonight). I really saw no intensity in the first half Monday night, but when BU comes home for a short home stand, we should be able to give them a little help.

Don't forget to listen in to the game tonight.


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