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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Makin a list, checkin it once

Ok allow me to quickly go through my pregame checklist and see what we got.

-Corey Hassan to score the first points of the game with a three.

CHECK. An early start for Hassen is the key to our offense, in my opinion.

-Better penetration. This includes driving and passing it to KG or Ibe.

CHECK. We did a great job getting it inside to KG and BIG O, and some pretty good drives were there too.

-Ibe score a basket without needing to touch the rim with his hands.

NOT. Ibe missed all free throws he took, two attempted lay-ups completely missed the rim, and one lay-up was too late, as he was called for traveling. His dunk at the buzzer was pretty awesome though.

-More use of the press. Earlier use of it as well (as in the first half).

NOT. I don't think we used it even once. Then again, we didn't really need to.

-10 blocks between Ibe and KG.

NOT, but there were some nice swats by BIG O, Shaun Wynn, and Brian Macon, some how.

-Less than 10 turnovers in the entire game. If not, how 'bout less than 15?

NOT. Still needs some work, but a 2:1 Assist/turnover ratio for Macon, a huge improvement.

-25 minutes out of Big O.

CHECK, at 26 minutes, 6 more than Ibe.

-Someone tell me that I have the boarist manners of a Yalie.

NOT, but I didn't really expect this to happen.

-People making more than 60% of their free throws. I mean come on!

CHECK. Take away Ibe's 3 missed FT's and we shot 80% free throws.

-More than 200 people in the stands.

CHECK, I think. There's no official number, but I'm pretty sure it was more than 500.

-A win, for fuck's sake.



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