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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Look At It This Way

The High Roller summed it up pretty well: Rider is no pushover, but this is a tough loss to take. He also followed through on his promise to create a clever title of his post by playing on the name Rider... so kudos on that. Rider is obviously going to be right there at the end of the year, judging by its games against what may be considered three of the most impressive mid-majors so far this year, if you count us (along with Bucknell and Drexel). Luckily we have a few more chances during the out-of-conference schedule to impress folks.

I was not able to watch or listen to the game, but let's do our best to draw a few positives from the game (any input from someone who actually listened or watched would also be greatly appreciated):

  • We didnt give up. Down 15 at halftime and 20 early in the second half, it's easy to throw in the towel - especially for a young team. But the Terriers used a series of runs to get within 5 points with 2 minutes left. Corey Hassan in particular did not want to let this game go. Says something.
  • Some impressive numbers from new guys. 14 from Macon, 14 from Hassan, and 15 from... Brendan Sullivan??? We've had a guy sitting on the bench the last two games who can drop 5 three's on Rider? The kid is 6'8" for Chrissakes! Get him some PT!
  • Macon showing improvement. For the first time, Brian Macon had more assists than turnovers. Hopefully that trend continues. Because of his performance, turnovers team-wide were all the way down to 9.
  • Omari was effective in limited minutes. He only played 9 minutes, but had 4 points, 2 boards and no fouls or turnovers. We'll do this thing in baby steps.

    So while it was bad, it wasn't all bad. Hopefully we'll put together our 1st half against Duke and our 2nd half against Rider into a complete win over URI on Tuesday.


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