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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Not So Easy Rider

Well this sucks. What should have been a close game, and a hopeful win, turned into a devastating loss . I found out too late that you have to go to the BU Terriers home page to listen to the radio broadcast of the game, so I have no idea what went wrong during the game. According to online sources, we shot pretty poorly, with the exception of good performances by Corey Hassan, Brian Macon, and Brendan Sullivan. I was suprised to so us give up so many points to a team like Rider, although Rider played tough against both Drexel and Bucknell. It seems as though Rider will have a great season in the MAAC, having scored more points against us than both Duke and Michigan.

Sorry about the horribly inaccurate prediction. At least I got our score correct, even if I was off by 28 points for Rider. Let's pick up the pieces, again, and get ready for Tuesday's game. I can only say "this game doesn't matter, what counts is the AE games" so many times before it loses meaning.


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