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Monday, November 28, 2005

High Roller's Prediction

Gonna get this out of the way because I'll have no time tomorrow. This is a tough call for me. We beat Rhode Island last year, at Rhode Island I believe, which was pretty sweet revenge for their ass-kicking that they gave us in the NIT the previous year. I'm not sure if they've improved or have gotten worse, but I think that we can still muster a win here.

We're coming off a disappointing loss, one which we should have performed much better in, and Wolff will make sure that our boys are going to be ready for this game. We have the home court advantage, but what does that even mean here at BU? We'll have to see how many people show up after an impressive turnout witnessed a close game with Michigan.

My Prediction: BU-61 URI 58

See you there, tomorrow night.


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