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Monday, November 21, 2005

These could be the good old days...

This post is more personal than anything else, but still somewhat relevant to BU hoops. Last year was a fairly sad/lonely year for me as a specator. After freshman and sophmore years of going to games in huge groups of all my good friends, I went to several games by myself last year, just beause all my friends that I went to games with had moved away.

But tomorrow, yes, tomorrow, most of the old crew is back, and in style too. Though we're going to be missing a few key players (old school, jimbo), a lot of the old friends are back in town. Ephraim will be there (I am the best old man), with Sam and Bill, and the best news of all, Tall-Boy got his flight home changed so that he'll be at the game too. Watch for all of us, we'll be the ones in the front row, behind the hoop, yelling and screaming and taunting the other players until they can take it no more.


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